With an unbroken written lineage going back to the 3rd century B.C., Chinese herbal medicine developed over thousands of years through research and evolving clinical conditions. In most parts of China, herbal medicine remains the most widely used form of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatment, with acupuncture as supplementary.

Herbal Formulas
Combining medicinal herbs into a formula allows me to create highly individualized medicine that address both the constitution of the patient (the root) and the conditions treated (the branch). I prescribe herbal formulas in powder and pill form. Powder formulas are mixed with hot water to make a tea. Pills are pre-made patent formulas that are convenient to take. Raw herbal formulas, which require cooking, are available upon request.

External Application
With musculoskeletal injuries and pain, I may prescribe liniments, salves or plasters that are made with Chinese medicinal herbs and applied externally.

I only use the highest quality herbal products from distributors that are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified and use third party laboratory testing.

All treatments will include some level of nutritional counseling. Traditionally, dietary therapy is considered the highest level of medicine because it is the least invasive and most enduring, allowing patients to learn how to heal themselves. The name of the clinic, Bitter Melon, derives from a belief that we do not incorporate enough bitter flavors into our diet. An imbalance of the five flavors (bitter, sweet, salty, bland, and acrid) can lead to preventable health problems.